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Mac OS X: drives on the desktop

  • Jan 30, 2020
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You want your drives to the Max-work Desk view, you must first create a Hand. In newer Mac OS X versions, the hard drive and the drives will not be automatically displayed on the Desktop.

Drives on the Mac Desktop display

You want to keep the activity on your drives always in view, to add this with just a few easy steps to your Desk.
  • To do this, first select in the Dock the Finder icon.
  • In the menu bar you choose "Finder" then to "settings".
  • Then click on "General" and can last select in the part "These items on the desktop", which drives are displayed, and hard drives in the future, on your Mac desktop.
Mac OS: drives on Desk
You can, however, not only drive and hard drive, but also files and folders on the Desk to hide. In addition, we explain how you the Desktop icons auto arrange let and via a Shortcut on the Desk to call.