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Mac OS: the Federal police Trojan to remove the Virus

  • Aug 10, 2020
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We will show you how to remove the Virus bundespolizei Trojan, if you get on your Mac OS, the message of the Federal police on illegal activities.

Alleged message of the Federal police: Virus captured

If you get in the Internet the fake notification, the Federal police, the illegal activities of your Mac running, then you have captured Malware (a Trojan).
  • The point is this: you should not pay anything or give! The Virus attempts to credibly convey that it was an official message of the Federal police, to come to money. The Federal authority, but would never request money via Ukash or Prepaid by you. Official letters come only by post.
So, or similar: Federal police Virus

Federal police remove the Trojan in a few steps

The Federal police Trojan is a particularly stubborn Virus. Therefore, you can remove it in just a few steps.
  1. Click in your Safari Browser to "Safari" in the top left of the system tray of your Mac.
  2. Then select "Safari reset". You leave all the checkboxes enabled or to enable it all.
  3. Safari is reset and restarted.
Mac: Federal Trojan remove

Federal police Trojan still appears, as you can do

If the Reset of the browser, has brought nothing, check a second variant, which is often used.
  1. Select "Safari" in the system tray.
  2. Then click on "settings".
  3. Under the "General" Tab you can select your home page setting. Make sure that you registered the page and not the page of the Federal police Trojan to calls.
Federal Trojan: home page check
Should your Android Smartphone from the Federal Trojan Virus infested , so we are showing you how you can also remove it again.