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Mac OS Mavericks: Screencast recording - how to

  • Sep 22, 2020
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Under Mac OS X Mavericks, you can record a Screencast without having to load additional programs. How to use the Feature, we will show you in this practical tip.

Screencast using Quicktime Player to record

The Screen Recording is not dependent on Mavericks. With QuickTime X, you can start a Screencast on earlier Mac OS X versions.
  • Start the QuickTime Player. The Video program is integrated into Mac OS X, you don't need to download it separately.
  • Go to "file - > New screen recording. In the following window you can start the Screencast.
  • You can either record the entire screen, or Recording on a neck limit. To do this, drag the mouse pointer over the desired area.
  • As soon as you start recording, appears in the status bar of a small Recording icon. By clicking on this icon, you stop the recording. Then the Player opens. You can play the Screencast in MOV Format to store on an iOS Device or Apple TV export.
The area of the screen to record
On your Mac, you can not only view the screen content of recording, but also Audio and Video with Quicktime to record.