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Mac OS: About-characters-enter - here's how

  • Sep 25, 2020
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On the Mac keyboard the About can enter characters much easier than on Windows systems. We will show you how to use the Symbol for a rounded, almost the same values can tap.

Mac OS: how to enter the About-characters

The About-characters you can select with the Mac keyboard directly, and in certain programs in certain menus or with the appropriate commands to write:
  • Via [Alt] + [x] enter the Approximately-Equal sign, which looks like a curved equal sign.
  • You have changed your Apple keyboard, you can copy the Symbol from the us: ≈
  • In Microsoft Word, you will find the About icon in the built-in formula editor.
  • In the Math Mode of LaTeX you use the command "\approx", in HTML, you can enter"≈".
  • With the key combination [Alt] + [n] enter the Tilde~, which is also the Symbol for "proportional to" is.
About-characters with Mac
In addition, CHIP Online practical tips we will show you how to use the Equals-sign and the sign for diameter Symbol on the Mac keyboard, tap.