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Mac on iPad - so it works

  • Oct 03, 2019
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You want to control your Mac or MacBook via the iPhone or iPad, it works in a number of Ways. We provide you with two options.

Mac with Chrome control via iPhone

iPhone & iPad: Mac via a VPN connection to remote control

Alternatively, your Mac can also be used over a VPN-Tool with a matching App for remote control. To do this, you need to prepare the Mac for the VPN access:
  1. Click on the top left in the menu bar on the Apple icon and select the "system settings".
  2. Under the category of "shares", you will find on the left of the "screen sharing". You enable this Option.
  3. Then set a password for access. Only in this way, your Computer remains protected.
  4. Now all you need is a suitable App. For this purpose, suitable, inter alia, the VNC Viewer as well as Mocha VNC.
  5. You can use the VNC Viewer, tap the top right Plus Button and enter the IP address of your Mac. You can then make the connection.
  6. Note: you Know your IP address, you will find a suitable guide.
VNC Viewer: Mac control via iPhone
In the next practical tip we will show you how you WhatsApp on the Mac.