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Mac: Mail will not quit - you can do

  • Jan 12, 2020
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Unfortunately, it always happens again, that the Mac Mail program is not due to an error exit. However, you can force Close easily. We will show you how you can read back Emails and can send.

Mac Mail - so you finish the program

  • With the key combination [CMD] + [ALT] + [ESC] open Task Manager. Select "Mail" and click on "end now".
  • The list of active programs, you can also open the menu. Navigate to the Apple icon in the upper-left corner to force quit.
  • It can happen that programs can not be over the above-mentioned way close. In this case, start the activity indicator. Most easily, you can find search the way to get there in the Spotlight. In the activity monitor, select the program "Mail" and left click on the small "x". In the following query, select "end now".
Mail in the activity display
You have a lot of problems with your Mac, and run several programs are not error-free, you should have a clean installation of Mac OS X think. Should you, however your data with a Backup save.