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Mac: External hard drive not recognized - what to do?

  • Aug 09, 2020
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In this practical tip we will show you what you can do if your external drive is not recognized on the Mac.

External hard drive is not recognized on the Mac - so you solve the Problem

Connect your external hard drive via USB cable to your Mac:
  1. Normally, the hard drive should appear in Finder under "devices". Click on your hard drive.
  2. There is displayed nothing, open the "Disk utility" via the "Finder" under "programs". Check whether your hard disk is displayed here on the left.
  3. If it is displayed, click with the right mouse button on the disk and select "disk open".
  4. Maybe your hard drive is also disabled. Then you have to select when you right-click the external hard drive "hard drive" is checked.
  5. Your hard drive should at least not be displayed here, check whether the hard disk has sufficient power supply. Some 2.5-inch hard disk drives must be connected with two USB plugs. Alternatively, it is often also a power supply to use.
Mac: Disk Utility

Mac: the format of the review of the external hard drive

Your hard drive is still not recognized, could be the Format of the hard drive the reason for this is:
  1. Check the Format of the external hard drive. When it appears in a Windows System, you will notice that under "Computer" directly. It should be no Format indicated, click with the right mouse button on the hard drive and looking under "properties" for the Information.
  2. Your hard drive should be formatted according to the Windows NT file system (NTFS), it could be, therefore, not from the Mac detected. You can format your hard drive then in the Format "FAT32". In the following practice tips we will explain how to use the disk under Windows 8, Windows 7 , or Windows XP to format. You save previously, but not necessarily all of the data. This will be lost when formatting.