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Mac: disable Bluetooth - how to

  • Sep 03, 2019
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In this practice tip, you will learn how to disable the Mac Bluetooth connection. You can use it to save electricity, and for no other Bluetooth devices are invisible.

To disable Bluetooth on your Mac

When you start your Mac for the first Time, Bluetooth is turned on by default. You want to disable it, help you with these steps.
  1. You can see in the menu a "B bar at the top, between the speaker icon and the Wi-Fi Icon", tap on it and select "disable Bluetooth".
  2. If the Symbol is not found in the toolbar, click in the upper left corner on the Apple Icon and scroll over to "system settings..." to "Bluetooth".
  3. Opt for "disable Bluetooth".
  4. In this menu you can set whether you bar want to the Bluetooth icon in your menu display. Put a check mark in the "Bluetooth in menu bar". Then repeat the first step.
Practice tip applies to Mac OS X 10.9.4, other versions might slightly differ. As in the case of your MacBook, also the built-in camera is clear and the volume in the menu bar can be read in other practical tips.