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Mac: applications always in full screen mode - is this possible?

  • Aug 03, 2020
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Under OS X, you Mac will be able to use programs in full screen mode. By default, these always start in window mode. How to let programs automatically in full-screen mode, you will learn in this practical tip.

Programs in full-screen mode

Although there is no function that you can use to start programs in full-screen mode. With a small Trick you can use to start but once in full-screen mode, set applications always the same:
  • Open system preferences and select the General pane. Here you will find an entry "window when you Quit a program close". The hook should be in front of it active, deactivate it.
  • Your Mac now remembers the latest opened applications, and will restore when you re-Open the program again. This function is, for example, in the case of browsers, but your last open Tabs will be lost.
  • It is also stored whether the program ran in full-screen mode. If you close your programs in full-screen, they will be restarted when you re-Open back the same way.
Under Yosemite, the full screen Button has been removed top right. As you programs still maximize can, you will learn in the next article.