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iOS: problems with Safari - what to do?

  • Aug 05, 2020
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IOS 8.2 problems with Safari, can occur. Under the version of the operating system iOS 8.2, some users are reporting issues with the Browser from Apple. In our practical tip you read proposals for a solution to this problem.

Problem solution: website data from Safari in iOS empty

First of all, you should restore Safari again by deleting the web data, empty the Cache and delete Cookies.
  1. Press "settings" on your iPhone.
  2. You can now scroll down and then press on "Safari".
  3. In the appeared window scroll down until you see the Option "clear history and website data". Click on this Option to have Safari restore.
  4. Now press twice on the home screen-button to open the Multitasking window.
  5. You finish here with a wiping gesture to the top of the Safari App, and the settings.
  6. You can also launch your iPhone by pressing for 10 seconds at the same time the Power and Homescreen button.
iOS: Safari restore

Problem not fixed: iPhone iOS 8.2 recover

If the first step has not helped, you should try to get your iPhone to restore. Note that in this step, all data from your iPhone will be deleted. You should, therefore, before the beginning of your data via Backup.
In the next practice tip, you will learn how you to under iOS 8, closed Safari Tabs to restore.