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iMovie: picture-in-picture effect, add

  • Aug 12, 2020
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In iMovie, you can easily add a "picture-in-picture"effect. The exact instructions you will find in this practical tip.

"Picture-in-picture"effect in iMovie, add - in 5 steps

Before you get started, you need to iMovie to start and a minimum of two Videos to import.
  1. Click on "file" and then on "New movie ...". In the new window, now select a topic and give the project a name.
  2. In the upper half, you will now see all the imported Videos. Double-click on one and add it via Drag-and-Drop them to your project in the bottom half.
  3. Now select a second Video and paste it as in step 2, describe how to add to your project. The second Video must be placed in parallel with the first Video.
  4. Then call in the Drop-Down box above the current preview, the Option "picture-in-picture" (see image).
  5. In the preview, you can move the picture-in-picture window, as well as to zoom in and out.
Picture-in-picture in iMovie
In a further iMovie tip we show how you background music in iMovie, add.