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Images resize and compress - so it goes

  • Oct 10, 2019
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To compress images on the Computer, there is no need for additional Software. We will show you how to make your photos even with on-Board means without problems shrink.

Images without the use of additional Software out

The following instructions are based in part on Windows Computer. You can use a Mac or a MacBook, you'll find in this practical tip a suitable guide to compression under Mac OS X.

  • Online: The fastest it will work, if you shrink your pictures online. On websites such as ILoveIMG and compress a JPEG you can upload your images, and then according to different criteria out of this re-download. In part, the images are characterized by more than 50 percent smaller.
  • Paint: Look for the image you want and click on it with the right mouse button. Under "Open with" then select "Paint". Then click on the Button "resize" and reduce the percentage from 100 to a lower number (see picture). You can then save the result.
  • WinRAR: Alternatively, you can compress your images without loss. To do this, you only need a packing Software like WinRAR. The quality does not decrease at the time of compression, but the compression is also relatively low. In this guide you will find a suitable guide.
  • Tip: if you Want to reduce the size of often pictures, can be worth the use of additional Software. Programs such as TinyPic or Image Resizer are extremely slim and reduce the size of your images in a few seconds.
Paint: compress pictures

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