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Combo Updates in Mac OS X install - so it works

  • Jan 06, 2020
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There are problems with your Mac or you want to install Mac OS X clean, helps you with the Combo Update. We show you where to find the Update and how to install it properly.

Mac OS X: What is a Combo Update?

  • The normal Updates for Mac OS X to be distributed through the App Store. By this Updates all of the System be replaced in the files that are affected by the Update.
  • The Combo Update is much larger and can. on request, the System files renew that are not affected by the Update This process is especially useful if you have issues with your Mac occur.
  • A Combo Update is usually between 800 and 1000 Mbytes in size and can easily by double-clicking on the Mac start. The Update is available as a DMG file.
Mac OS X Combo Update install

Mac OS X: how to install a Combo Update

  1. Open the Apple website. There you will find - if available - the latest Combo Update for your Mac OS X Version.
  2. Click on the Button "Download" to download the Update. Then, you can start the Installation by double-clicking.
  3. Click through the introduction and accept the license. You will be asked to select the hard disk, this is usually already the correct Partition selected.
  4. In the step "installation type" you can select individual areas to install the Combo Update again. For example, there are problems with the Mail App, it is sufficient for this application.
  5. Confirm the process to install the Combo Update on your Mac. This process can take up to several minutes.
Combo Update for Mac download
In the next practical tip we show you how to Update Mac OS X to undo.