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Apple Care Protection Plan transfer - how it works

  • Sep 26, 2020
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You want to sell your is still from the "AppleCare Protection Plan" protected iPhone, you can transfer the warranty to the buyer. In addition, a more active "AppleCare Protection Plan" also to be transmitted, if a device from Apple was replaced with a new one. To do this, you need to contact Apple. We will show you how it works.

AppleCare Protection Plan to a buyer transfer: the Necessary data

To Apple Care to the future owners of your iPhone or iPad to overwrite, you will need some documents and data:
  • AppleCare agreement number: you will find on the back of the Protection Plan package.
  • Serial number of the sold device: iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, you can find it via "settings" > "General" > "Info". On the Mac, you select in the top menu of the Apple icon > bar "About this Mac" > "More information".
  • Data of the new owner: you will need the full name, address, E-Mail address and phone number.

So you can transfer AppleCare to the new owner of an iPhone

  • Put a short letter in which you explain that you want to transfer your "AppleCare Protection Plan". Specify to which device it is (incl. Serial number) and call the complete data of the buyer. On the Screenshot you can see an example of such a cover Letter.
  • Send the letter by Fax to the number +353 021 428 3917. Note, however, that there is an Irish connection and, therefore, higher costs can arise. Unfortunately, there is no number to which you are Writing can send.
  • Alternatively, you can send the Letter by Post to: Apple Customer Support, hollyhill Industrial Estate, hollyhill, Cork, Republic of Ireland.

AppleCare on a new iPhone transfer: the Necessary data

  • AppleCare Agreement Number
  • Serial number of the old iPhones, iPads, or Macs
  • Serial number of the new device: Note that you can transfer AppleCare for iPhone just a new iPhone and not on iPad.
  • Invoice or receipt for the "AppleCare Protection Plan".

AppleCare transfer on a replacement device

Apple will exchange your iPhone or iPad for a new one and the old one is still protected by the Protection Plan, you can transfer this unique to the new device. You must notify Apple in writing of:
  • Put an E-Mail in which you explain the Transfer and you provide the serial number of both devices (see the Screenshot). Also, specify her phone number.
  • Attach the purchase receipt as an attachment.
  • As the subject choose "request for APP-Transfer xxxx". Instead of the "x" insert the AppleCare agreement number.
  • Send E-Mail to "dop_change@euro.apple.com". It's an iPod, please contact "ipod_pop@euro.apple.com".
  • Alternatively, send a letter by Post to: Apple Customer Support, hollyhill Industrial Estate, hollyhill, Cork, Republic of Ireland
Tip: How to check if your Apple device is through the "AppleCare Protection Plan" is protected, read this article.