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2 iPhones on a Mac, manage - so it works

  • Aug 08, 2020
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You want to manage 2 iPhones on a Mac, no Problem. We will show you what you need to do this.

2 iPhones Mac OS X manage

  1. Connect one of the two iPhones with the Mac.
  2. Open iTunes and hold the option (alt) key pressed.
  3. Then select the Option "create New".
  4. Enter a name for the media libraries file.
  5. Then open "iTunes" > "preferences" and navigate to the Advanced Tab.
  6. Disable the Option "When Adding files to library in the iTunes media folder to copy". This prevents existing media files will be overwritten.
  7. Close iTunes and disconnect the iPhone from the Mac.
  8. Now connect the second iPhone to the Mac and create a more media libraries-file, as described above.
Mac: 2 iPhones manage

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This practice tip is related to iTunes 12.0.1 for Mac OS X. How to get your iTunes library to optimize and clean up can, we will show you in a further practical tip.