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Upcycling with plastic: 5 unusual ideas

  • Apr 11, 2021
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From Old to make New! Creative Upcycling ideas, you can add value to plastic waste and useful things to Tinker with. The Whole is more than just Recycling, the plastic is given a special value and a new purpose.

Upcycling: plastic use instead of throw away

Upcycling is a Form of recycling, so the Recycling and reuse of the item. It describes how to Beautify and Upgrade the old things, which might end up the garbage. So the plastic gets a new function, and can continue to be used. For example, as a storage box or a pen holder.

  • Very old soap tray or shower gel bottles are ideal for a storage box.
  • Simply slice the neck of such a bottle, including the cap and clean the container.
  • Thereafter, the packing can be painted or glued. You can also glue and paper splicing and thus alter the surface.

Of packaging bags and wallets are

From almost all kinds of plastic packaging practical purses, cases and wallets can be produced. Especially good are those suitable, which are made of a thicker Material. Chips packaging you should not use for this DIY project, rather, because they are to unstable and can quickly break down.

  • - Empty the packaging and clean it thoroughly. Then, cut the open side to the left and to the right to a peak, so that a triangle is formed – this will later be the cap. Alternatively, you can decide on for a half-moon shape.
  • Then you can use the packaging just above the other folds, and with a push-button, zipper or Velcro closure to Tinker.
Upcycling: from any type of plastic packaging can be a new, useful thing. Image: J. Neder

Plastic for the bees

What else is true as harmful for the environment and as a danger for animals and the environment, can also do something for the nature. Click here to read how to pots, old plastic containers flowers can upcycle:

  • Larger plastic containers such as yoghurt pots, or paint bucket to pots easily be turned into flowers.
  • Here again, first of all, Wash everything! Lid and Handle, you can remove it if necessary, and the future of bees magnets a new look to gain.
  • The fastest way to the tank with spray paint to be stained. With stencils, patterns or lettering can be sprayed on the pots.
  • You prick a couple of holes as a drain in the floor and fill the container with small stones and then with earth. Now you can put your green thumb to prove and flowering plants , which the insects use to attract.

From small plastic jewelry parts restore

In particular, small plastic particles remain in the Openings of the packaging is often poor. These are usually ideal as a chic, individually designed accessories.

  • Colorful plastic pieces are a real eye-catcher, if you will be hanging on the ear or on a bracelet is threaded.
  • To do this, you need to prick small holes in the plastic. To do this, depending on the Material, usually with a nail or a needle. Then the parts are strung on a tape or wire.
  • For earrings you will need earring hooks or studs to Glue on. You attach the particles. This is not can case with yarn or knotted bands, too, so you can see what it was.
The plastic material can of course also be disguised, so all of the individual jewelry. (Image: Pixabay)

Memory plastic lids

With each new plastic bottle moves a plastic cover in the trash. Instead, you can build from the lids with artistic ideas an unusual Memory game.

  • You paint the plastic cover on the head with a Mini-image. At the end of two cover must show the same image. At best the Whole works with a water-resistant cover color – For example, color is the acrylic very well.
  • During Play, the cover must show the inside then getting to the top. When you Turn around, the small image is visible.