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Upcycling: DIY ideas from old bottles

  • Jan 18, 2021
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Stylish home accessories, furniture and vessels can be caused by Upcycling old bottles. With exciting DIY projects a whole new object is from the glass. Not just Recycling, but Upcycling!

Upcycling: From bottles to furniture

Under Upcycling is not only to Recycle, how it is done in the case of glass bottles usually already. Through her Upcycling project for old bottles become new, modern items. For example, can be built using creativity and some manual skills of wine - or beer bottles, modern home accessories, which are guaranteed in any of the furniture house available.

  • For a small table you don't have to change the bottles themselves. You need three to four bottles of wine, which are first rinsed and freed from the label.
  • A wooden plate serves as a tabletop. Here are now drilled in the size of the bottle necks holes in it.
  • The plate is then placed on the bottles. The distance must be so chosen that the Balance is ensured and the plate is not tilting.
  • Either you build a small occasional table, it doesn't bother you, that the bottle necks from the protrude plate, or disconnect at the appropriate height and glue the holes with a small wooden Board with hot glue to the Bottle, to close it.
  • The glue should dry out. Then, the table is made of old bottle is finished.

Glass bottles as residential accessory

As a residential accessory old bottles can be repurposed, for example, vases or tea lights. The glass makes a beautiful light and creates a cozy atmosphere.

  • For candle lights the glass of the bottles must be cut. The goes with various methods and very simple with a glass cutter. The bottom of the bottle is removed, so that the bottles can be placed over the candles ready for the candle is.
  • For the vases only, all labels are removed. You can decorate the bottles with tape, or keep it quite simple (see image). Here are all kinds of bottles can be used and be arbitrarily combined.
  • Also for the production of simple glass as a drinking vessel or as a candle holder, the bottles are cut in the middle. After that, you should treat the edges with emery paper to avoid sharp edges.
  • The upper part with the neck of the bottle you can then use as a candle holder, while the bottom can serve as a drinking glass.
Vases from old bottles don't need much additional decoration to create a stylish look. (Image: Pixabay)

Storage of bottles

As an Alternative to boring cans you can donate your old bottles to containers for rice, pasta, paper clips, and much more upcycle.

  • Cut the bottle at the point of the widest diameter and the height of your container fits the best.
  • The severed part you need to grind off the edges, so they can't hurt themselves on it later.
  • A wide Corkof the bottle fits, serves as a clasp.