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Tennis racket stringing - how to

  • Jan 24, 2021
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They play several times a week Tennis, you should stretch the strings of your tennis racket every two to three months. This you can do to save money.

Tennis racket stringing: The preparation

Before you begin, you need to make some preparations:

  • Measure the strings. In General, you need about 12 metres of a new String, to string a racket new. You take but rather a bit more than too little.
  • Before the new strings can be attached to the racket, you must remove the old strings. This works best with a sharp knife. You start in the middle of the old strings off and work to the outside.
  • Sometimes, it may also be that the rubber seals need to be immersed in the racket edge out. You can check this on stability and damage.
  • Need your racket very often re-strung be, you can your own stringing machine is worth it.

So, you out the average string tension of your Racket

It is important that you work from top to bottom. This means that you install the strings, starting from the racket at the end of the club head.

  • Start strings with the Main. These have to sit in the upper holes of the racket, down to the neck to be stretched and then return to the top led. The end of the String is attached to the handle.
  • The beginning is made only once, the Stringing easier. The second side is attached by the second terminal of the racket is used. The first String you can let go now.
  • All the pages are drawn, they will be tied with a knot. Now the crosses are to the series. These run perpendicular to the longitudinal axis of the tennis racket.
  • The procedure remains a similar: Drag a String through one of the holes. Now attach the String above and below the main string. Repeat this procedure until you are finished.
  • Finally, the cross strings are only tied to the main string. Leftover strings cut.
  • Especially in the beginning, it can be helpful to the other Person when stringing job to watch or to help. So you can be sure that you tie the wrong strings together.
If you are stringing your tennis racket, you can achieve in the game, better results
(Image: Pixabay)