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Tactical flashlight: use and function

  • Jul 03, 2020
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Tactical pocket lamps of the police and security services. Also, for private use, however, they are very useful for self-defense. As these flashlights, and used to be work, you can find here.

What is a tactical flashlight?

A tactical flashlight is a powerful LED flashlight with different functions.

  • The main feature of a tactical flashlight is the very bright light that can be used. Over 1,000 lumens are produced.
  • Furthermore, tactical flashlights are in the design so robust that it can be used depending on the length, as a baton for self-defense.
  • Other features of this bag its additional features are lamps. So you can combine, for example, the light beam is strong. As a result, he can range easily over several hundred meters.
  • Alternatively, they scatter light to a large area to illuminate.
  • Often there is also a strobe setting that the flashlight emits light at intervals. This can be useful, in order to confuse, for example, the attacker.
  • Also have tactical flashlights on a special button, with the light signals, such as the globally-accepted and well-known SOS Signal.

Areas of application

As mentioned above, include flashlights of this type, for the equipment of police and security services.

  • In this area, especially the large luminosity is used to dark areas ideal to illuminate. Because of the high beam range of the light beam, this is particularly in the case of dangerous night operations, an important function on large distances, hazards can be detected.
  • Similarly, the strobe-function is used, when it comes to potential invaders. The bright light blinds the Opposite, so that this can no longer be oriented correctly.
  • The many features of the tactical flashlight are also available for private use is extremely useful. So, this Gadget can be used for self-defense.
  • Here, too, especially the blend function of the flashlight, it is worth mentioning the case of a possible attack. In a pinch, you can mention the flashlight, as, as a blow to use stick against any attacker. Of course, this should always be the last measure.
  • Are you at night in poorly lit areas or in a dark Park on the way, offers such a bright flashlight and more security. They illuminate their surroundings and have a good Overview.
  • In addition, you can make a tactical flashlight in an emergency situation to draw attention. You want to have a SOS Signal is sent, proceed as follows: Press three times short, three times long, and then again three times on the light button.
  • By the way, some of the models also feature an alarm function. Then you can make in an emergency situation with a loud Alarm to draw attention.
A tactical flashlight is characterized by numerous safety-relevant functions
(Image: Pixabay)