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Seven schläfertag: The Bauer rule, says to the weather

  • Aug 13, 2020
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27. June is popularly known as seven schläfertag known. On this day, there is also a well-known farmer, as a rule. What the rule says and how reliable it is, read here.

Seven schläfertag: the farmer's rule says

In the farmer's calendar, is 27. June, a so-called Lostag. This means that farmers have in the past made on the basis of this day to predict the weather for the coming weeks. This was particularly important for agricultural Work such as Seeding and harvesting plan.

  • According to the farmer as a rule, is the seven schläfertag to see how the weather will be in the next seven weeks. It is on the 27. June warm and dry the remains of the rest of the summer, so. It is cold and rainy, it will rain seven weeks.
  • There are many different versions of this rule. of " How's the weather on the seven sleepers behaves, it is ordered for seven weeks." over " Is of the seven sleepers, wet, raining without ceasing." to " Seems to be the seven sleepers of the sun, there are seven weeks of bliss."
  • Because of the Gregorian calendar reform of the seven schläfertag should really be on 7. July to take place. Although the 27. June is recorded for the day, there has been a shift of ten days.

The rule is true?

The rule around the seven schläfertag has been applied for a long time by farmers to plan their agricultural activities. Many of the Proverbs have a kernel of truth is scientifically verifiable. In this Lostag that is at least partially the case

  • The rule that the weather stays for the next seven weeks, as it was in the seven schläfertag, in the South of Germany to a probability of 60-70%, in Munich, even to 80%.
  • However, if you do not apply the rule just on the one day, but to the whole of the first week of July.
  • On the first week of July must be related, because the displacement of ten days has taken place since the Gregorian calendar reform.

The legend of the seven schläfertag

Of the seven schläfertag has its origin in the Christian Liturgy and has nothing to do with the Rodent. Actually, the Name from an ancient legend comes slept, after seven Christians for 195 days.

  • According to legend, the first in the 6. Century has been documented, hidden, seven young Christians in a cave from the persecution of the Christians. This cave was close to Ephesus (today's Turkey), and should protect them from the Emperor Decius.
  • As they were discovered, not a substantiated they are alive, of which they died, however, soondern in a 195 days long sleep fell.
  • As they were discovered, they testified to the Faith in the resurrection of the dead, and died as a result.
The city of Ephesus is located in modern day Turkey (Image: Pixabay)