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Pregnancy yoga: what you should know

  • Jan 15, 2021
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Pregnancy yoga for expectant mothers is often the ideal way to treat yourself and the Baby to do something Good. What you should know about the benefits of yoga and the course, we tell them, therefore, in this practical tip.

Pregnancy yoga: the benefits for both mother and child

To find during pregnancy to rest and, sometimes, to unwind, but it can be through pregnancy yoga possible. What are the benefits of Yoga for expectant mothers - with a particular view on pregnancy complaints - has, read the Following.

  • Gentle Yoga-Training mothers-to-be is by activity only feel good, but Pregnant women in General, also become more balanced and deeper sleep.
  • Pregnant set your own pace and learn with stretching, breathing and flexibility exercises, to be sensitive to your body and mind, as well as to give on your own body Eight.
  • They relieve your claimed lumbar vertebrae by means of Weight shifts and strong while pregnancy yoga your spine specifically.
  • Also digestive problems are during pregnancy is not uncommon: stimulate your metabolism through controlled movements.
  • Because your ligaments are increasingly elastic and connective tissue are always soft, you should muscles in the pelvic floor to build and train. Also in this area of Yoga is ideal, because most of the Exercises from your body to go out in the middle.
  • In addition, you can come with pregnancy yoga common ailments such as varicose veins before and both your circulation ankurblen as well as the oxygen supply of your body inspire with slight movements.
  • Because Yoga is designed to relieve in pregnancy superficial Stress and the nerves relax, athletic spending at this point is out of place.
  • If you come in the Other during pregnancy, out of breath, the oxygen is made increasingly ready for your muscles. High physical exertion leads so that your Baby can be fed less oxygen.

Yoga in pregnancy: what you should about types and styles knowledge

About the benefits of pregnancy yoga, you are informed as well. But could you come in the Following different types and styles in mind, when you think about Yoga in pregnancy.

  • The most Important thing first: We recommend only specially designed Yoga courses for Pregnant women to participate. In fact, your pregnancy, customized Exercises to be carried out.
  • The so-called prenatal yoga, pregnancy yoga, this is however not a own style. You have the possibility, in a group of expectant mothers to refuel through gentle sequences of movement new strength and to recover from your pregnancy complaints.
  • Speaking of recovery, particularly in the case of Kundalini Yoga , you can as a Pregnant woman, by meditation exercises to calm.
  • Avoid, however, all Yoga types, which contain the extra "Power" in the name of and under the you can quick as well as powerful movements of Ashtanga Yoga, or Vinyasa Flow, for example, and.
Pregnancy yoga: Draw new strength and enjoy the peace and quiet. (Image: Pixabay)

What to look for in Pilates in pregnancy should pay attention to, you will learn in our next practice tip.