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Fitness: The best ideas for the home

  • Jan 18, 2021
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You want to increase your Fitness, you can do this in the comfort in your home. You must complete this also includes a subscription in the gym. We present in this article a few ideas for effective Exercises.

A tight body with fitness exercises for at home

Before you start fitness training, you should stretch thoroughly and warm up. Make them bend, for example, 15 of the knee. Here, guests can exercise at the same time, her thigh.

  • Pushup: The pushup is a simple Exercise that you can easily at home can perform. The Exercise trains the chest muscles and the triceps.
  • Pay attention to your breathing. When stretching the arms, you should exhale. Breathe in when you Bend your arms in again.
  • You think you are at the beginning of the normal pushup to difficult, you can choose the lighter version. Put on the knee. Pay attention nevertheless, to keep the back straight.
  • To lift the torso with the arms and lowering him back down.
  • Sit-ups: you Want to your abdominal muscles workout are Sit-ups perfectly.
  • You sit down comfortably on the floor. Bend the legs so that the heels get up on the floor.
  • You fold your arms behind your head and do not lower the torso slowly, however, to the ground. Then adjust the torso again.
  • It is best to use a yoga Mat as a pad. Then the ground is not so hard.
  • You will see from this Exercise, however, if you have problems with the lumbar spine have. You would sure get pain. Alternatively, Crunches are just as effective as Sit-ups.
  • Crunches: For this lie on the back, make the legs so that the heels back to the floor to get up. Also the arms fold as in the case of the Sit-ups again behind the head.
  • Now you do not lift the entire upper body using the abdominal muscles. Only the area around the shoulder blades is lifted.
  • Wall squat: This Exercise makes for taut thighs and a firm Butt.
  • You lean against the wall and bend your legs very slowly. As soon as the upper and lower leg are at right angle, hold this Position for a few seconds.
  • Then, you set up so slowly, it is possible for them again.

Fitness exercises for more endurance

Endurance exercises you can perform comfortably at home.

  • Jumping jacks: The jumping Jack jump up and open and close alternately the legs.
  • The legs apart while Jumping, lift the arms up and together over your head.
  • At each jump, with the legs together, lower the arms back down.
  • Jump rope: jumping rope is a very simple, but highly effective fitness training. The advantage of this Exercise is that you can perform anywhere, really. Even in the tightest of spaces, this fitness exercise will work.
  • Because you need may not even be a sports device. You can also without a rope, jump rope.
  • They will jump two to three Times a second for a minute. So, as you would have to jump over a rope under the feet. Rotate the arms as you would pull a rope under itself, trained with this is the arms.
  • Squat Jumps: What sound complicated, is actually quite simple. Go bend the knee and jump it in the height.
  • Important: Do this Exercise without prior stretching or to have already warmed up. You could pull easily a small strain.
  • With this Fitness Exercise you improve your fitness and train at the same time your thigh muscles.
Fitness home exercises - jumping rope will improve your stamina (Image: Pixabay)