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Fanfiction: these are the 5 best Apps and websites

  • Jul 07, 2020
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As an ardent Fan, it also reads like Fanfiction. These stories there are numerous Websites and Apps. Here you get an Overview on which digital platforms they have the most and best selection.

Fanfiction read: Websites

Fanfiction refers to fictional stories written by Fans. The characters of these texts are from either movies, Comics, literature, or real famous people like singers, actors or athletes. These stories will be shared with other Fans on Online platforms. The Fanfiction book 'After' was in order, for example, is so popular that it even made into a movie was.

  • "Archive of our own" is a non-Profit, non-commercial Website of the Organization for Transformative Works. In addition to Fanfiction in the form of a text, there are also Podcasts, Videos and graphics. It stands out especially due to the specific categorization and detailed search options.
  • "Quotev" is characterized by its interactive Community. In addition to the texts, the platform provides surveys, Quizzes and series of stories. The site is well-organized and also here there is a detailed search option. Each Text is given, how often of these read and commented.
  • "FictionPad" is one of the newest platforms. Since it was established in 2013, is still little Content on the site. The Website stands out through its special search function. Here you can find Fandom-intersections simple and the lyrics even on small mobile devices easy to read.
  • "Feedbooks" is an E-Bookstore with E-Book best-sellers and the own texts of the Website users. These are the "Original Books"category, available for free Download and can be uploaded in other E-Reader. The most popular Fandoms are Batman, Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, and Narnia.
  • A slightly different site is "deviantART". It is particularly popular for its visual arts, but also has a large number of texts. Many of the texts are accompanied by their own illustrations. Also, there are Comics and Fan-to discover nature. A well-known Story is "Not in Harry Potter", one of the Fans with additional quotes and words modified Version of the original.

The best Apps for Fanfiction

Fanfiction captivates especially. As a Fan, it changes in his self-written history Details the original story a beloved Star. Fortunately, there are also numerous Apps that you can keep track of his Stories.

  • "Wattpad" is one of the most famous sites to Fanfiction to read. The Community has more Fanfiction to Celebrities like OneDirection, or Zac Efron as the existing literature. For its 10 million Users is the Interface and the App "Wattpad" is perfect for the lyrics everywhere and digitally on the Website or via the App for iOS and Android to keep track of.
  • "FanFiction.net" has almost 8 million texts and stories in 30 different languages. The focus here is on trivial literature like Harry Potter and Twilight. Users can even follow the series stories and save it as a favorite. The contents of the App are also available on the Website.
  • "Spirit Fanfiction and Stories" offers original and Fanfiction-books free to Download. Here you can also publish your own texts. Advantageous here is Font Option and color for an optimal reading pleasure yourself select. With the "Follow"Option, you will always receive Updates on new chapters and texts of your favorite authors.
  • "Tumblr" is one of the largest Internet Communities, both as a website, as well as an App is available. Here you will find the numerous personal Blogs content on almost any topic; so also Fanfiction to almost every Fandom. Series, illustrations, GIFs, texts and a fast and direct exchange with the author to make Tumblr an exciting Community.
  • "Fanfic Pocket Library" is the unofficial App for the Website "Archive Of Our Own". A Fan of the site, has created this yourself, and a subscription is not necessary to use the App. Here you can download the stories and read them offline. In addition, the App offers a night - reading and full-screen mode.

In the next article, we will show you the correct order of the original Harry Potter books.