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Computer game addiction: How to recognize the Addiction

  • Jul 07, 2020
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Whether you or a well-Known computer game is addictive, it is not easy to recognise. Because Gaming is for many the everyday life. 40 percent of the German gamble daily. But an Addiction can make you ill. We will show you how you can detect it.

Definition of a computer game Addiction

Game times of more than 30 hours per week - more and more German computer game are addictive. Often Affected or their relatives do not recognize their Addiction. But anyone who spends too much time Gaming, suffers statistically more likely to have sleep disorders, poor posture, or social problems. But what exactly is meant by Addiction?

  • Under a computer addiction Doctors describe in technical language a "Pathological computer use" - that is, a pathological use of computers. You differ here, but again within the addictive behaviour on the basis of their expression.
  • A further distinction is whether someone is addicted to computer games, Internet use, Online pornography, or social networks is.
  • People are considered to be addictive, if computer games the everyday life of the Affected have a strong influence. This is not done out of a desire but out of compulsion. With this compulsive behavior are liable to neglect the addict's friends, family, school, University or the workplace.
  • Among the particularly addictive to Play the "Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games fall". Here, players cope alone or as a group adventure. Because you play these games online and always new tasks, this creates a constant pressure not to miss anything.

Symptoms of computer game addiction

The computer game has a serious addiction disease addiction is. Ill no longer be able to control your own use of the computer. The "American Psychiatric Association" has developed nine criteria to identify a Computer looks better. If, within one year, at least five of the following nine be detected, you should consult a doctor.

  • The first criterion is an exclusive employment with Online. If the person can not play, turn all his thoughts to the Online game.
  • The stay away from the computer game triggers withdrawal symptoms such as irritability, nervousness, sadness or Anxiety.
  • The addict tolerates his need to have more and more time playing computer games spend.
  • The Sufferer feigns looking for friends, family members and therapists about the true extent of his game.
  • The Affected person uses the computer game to relieve negative emotions such as fear, guilt, or helplessness.
  • The interest in past Hobbies or social contacts decreases or is lost completely.
  • Even if the person involved understands his psycho-social problems, he still excessive.
  • All Attempts of the game consumer to narrow down are unsuccessful.
  • The last Symptom of a game, the danger is that the addict sinks into full play in the computer is looking for. It is the loss of Contact to the family and friends threatened. Or the loss of education or profession.

Causes of computer game addiction

To understand the computer game is looking better and better, it helps to know the causes. Often addicts sink into the Online Play, in order to cope with Stress. The personality and the social environment also play a big role.

  • The most common cause for a computer game the stress-coping addiction. With the distraction of Playing depressive, or people-shy people forget their frustrations and their uncertainty.
  • Personality is also an important factor: people with ADHD develop at a faster Addiction. People with lower self-esteem in the virtual world of recognition and a way to integrate that you miss in the real world.
  • The Addiction to a computer game developed neuro-biologically. Excessive computer games triggers the same brain physiological processes, such as alcohol addiction. In addition, the games attract a dangerous reward system, which the brain stimulates more and continue playing.
If someone's computer game is addictive, it is not easy to detect. However, the symptoms of computer game addiction are similar to other addiction disorders
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