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Binoculars: The meaning of the names

  • Jan 17, 2021
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On the binoculars, you can find names, which draw the characteristics and quality of binoculars password. Here we clarify the meaning of the individual abbreviations.

The names of the binoculars: B, C, CF, D, FCF, G, HG, HP, IS, UC, QCF, W, WP

Models of binoculars have numerous names. This will give indications on the focus and size of the binoculars.

  • Each of the binoculars shows the magnification and the diameter of the lens of the glass. At 10x the magnification of the binoculars is 10 Times. x25 indicates a lens diameter of 25 mm.
  • With these two values you can calculate twilight factor. This value indicates the light strength of the glass.
  • B simply means that the eyes fit in the distance to the glass well and, thus, for glasses to be well-suited.
  • C is an abbreviation for the English word "Compact". The binoculars is very simple, light and easy to handle.
  • UC is the superlative of the designation "C" and means "Ultra Compact", so the binoculars even easier.
  • CF stands for two properties. The English "Close Focus" refers to a low minimum focusing distance. Here, a distance of one to three meters is enough to see the object magnified.
  • The "Central Focus" indicates that only the function of the focusing. In the case of the "Central focus" set the focus by the means of operation.
  • D is the abbreviation for design "roof prism" binoculars.
  • FCF with the “Fast Close Focus” you can focus, quickly and without gradations. Other products from trim this with QCF “Quick-Close-Focus”.
  • G means that the binoculars by means of rubber against water or shock protected. RA is the abbreviation for “Rubber Armed”.
  • HG / HL is also a name from the English for “High Grade Light”. Here are the shows binoculars for a particularly bright image.
  • HP indicates the size of the exit pupil in millimeters. In English this is called the "high eyepoint”.
  • Is stands for the English word “Image Stabilizer” which means that your binoculars is equipped with an image stabilizer. Hereby, your vision is not blurred field.
  • W (WF, WW) a model with this designation comes with a wide-angle magnification with a large field of view.
  • WP means that the glass is water-resistant. In English, this means “water proof”.

The designations for the quality of binoculars: ED, FL, HD, HT

Glasses of binoculars have different quality properties. Also there are for the different versions of the abbreviations.

  • ED is an abbreviation of the English “Extralow Dispersion”. This means that the glass has less color fringing.
  • FL means advertised fluoride. These glasses are a higher quality type of ED lenses.
  • HD also here is an abbreviation from the English. This "High Definition"-ED-glasses convince with a fine sharpness.
  • HT means “High Transmission”. These binoculars get their quality of their transmission properties.
The names of the binocular models provide different functions, and quality properties (Image: pixabay)

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