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Word processing on the iPad: The best Apps

  • Jul 06, 2020
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With the right text-processing App, your iPad can replace a Notebook. We provide you with the best Apps, including many Free Tools.

5. "Documents Free": Many functions, few formatting options

  • The free 3-in-1 App "Documents Free" includes, in addition to the text processing, a graphics Tool and a spreadsheet.
  • The iOS App is particularly suitable for shorter texts and notes.
  • Extensive export functions make it possible to use the texts on other devices. Among other things, you can by E-Mail, to Dropbox or iCloud, save it, and via Wi-Fi transferred..
  • However, you can save the files as TXT Format. Therefore, the formatting in Word, import.
Documents Free

4. Text with "Kingsoft Office Free" edit

  • With the Free App Office Free you can create new documents, but most of the file formats edit.
  • Formats such as DOC, DOCX, DOT, DOTX, as well as presentations in PPT, PPTX, POT, easy to repair, save and re-upload.
  • To do this, you may want to access your Dropbox and Google Drive.
Kingsoft Office Free

3. Apple's Word Processor "Pages"

  • Apple Text Tool "Pages" is the best word-processing App for the iPad. However, it is not free: Almost 9 euros you have to pay currently for this.
  • But many templates and formatting tools. Even with pictures and footnotes, you can work on your iPad.
  • Finished files can be used as a Word and PDF document, save and send. In addition, the App automatically syncs your files using iCloud.
"Pages" from Apple

2. Create texts with "Google Drive"

  • With the "Google Drive App" you can also go to your Google documents, access, and new text files.
  • The operation of the free-Text App is initially very unusual. For this purpose, the Tool convinces through its many formatting options.
  • To Google Drive you get 5 GB Free Online storage, in which you can manage your documents from anywhere and retrieve it.
Google Drive on the iPad

1. "Quickoffice" makes the Word on the iPad competition

The first place the official Word App shares with the Office Suite from Quickoffice:
  • "Quickoffice" brings you Word, Excel, and Powerpoint on the iPad, and the all important Word-Tools. Significantly more convenience and features there is only the now also free Word App.
  • Paragraph options, text formatting and spell check in Quickoffice is also on Board, such as PDF conversions.
  • That is, the features of Quickoffice, though not quite so large as the of the "Pages" and "Word". Nevertheless, it impresses with its variety of formats: XLS, XLSX and DOC, DOCX, PPT, PPTX, TXT, PDF, and various image formats are available to you.
  • Your documents you can send in to Quickoffice by E-Mail or via your home network. In addition, 15 GB free storage on Google Drive.
  • In the case of Word, you access it via Dropbox to your files and can easily edit Text and Layout. For the App you need a free Microsoft account.
Quickoffice as a Word Alternative

Video: The mobile Word App in practice-Check

Tip: you can Use a Bluetooth keyboard to write longer texts on the iPad. Which is usually not much bigger than the iPad itself and helps to avoid annoying Typos. More Infos you will find in this article.