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WhatsApp for iPhone: the phone number to verify

  • Oct 18, 2020
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To be able to use the popular Messenger App WhatsApp on the iPhone, you must first verify your phone number. So, you can.

Phone verification in WhatsApp on iPhone

WhatsApp needs to ensure that the phone number that you want to be by Messenger to reach, belongs to you. In order to verify your phone number, proceed as follows:
  1. As soon as you open the App for the first Time, you will be asked to enter your phone number. First, select the country code (for Germany is "+49"), and enter your phone number. Omit the 0 before the area code. Confirm your input with "Done".
  2. It is a Pop-up window, you should verify your phone number once again appears. Pay attention here again to the fact that the country code is correct and not entered 0 of the area code. The correct Format looks for example like this: "+4917612345677". Everything is correct, click "Yes".
  3. Within a few seconds you should receive a confirmation code via SMS. Copy this, paste it in the WhatsApp verification and confirm. Your phone number is verified in order. No SMS arrives on your iPhone, you need to wait until the five minute Timer has expired in WhatsApp. After that, you can let the vendor to call and the Code to get.
WhatsApp for iPhone
Tip: make Sure you verify that your iPhone has a good Internet connection through Wi-Fi. You will receive neither an SMS nor a phone call with the Code, you should uninstall WhatsApp, your iPhone to restart the App to re-download and with the verification start from the beginning.
How to use your phone number for WhatsApp on one Android-Smartphone verify, we will explain here.