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Waze for offline use - so it goes

  • Aug 13, 2020
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The popular navigation solution, Waze allows you to use restricted-even offline. In order to reduce the data traffic on your Smartphone, and relieve the burden on the battery. What was the Trick to do this, we will show you in this practical tip.

Navigation App Waze for offline use

Since the Details of the Route in the Cache Waze saves, you can use the Navigation even when offline.
  1. Start Waze on your Smartphone.
  2. Enter the address to which you want to navigate to.
  3. Waze calculates the Route. The process is completed, you can turn off the data connection.
  4. Note that you get no Offline Navigation, no Updates to traffic jams or accidents.
Waze use as an Offline Navi

Traffic information with Waze, download it and use offline

Also, the traffic information can be downloaded and, therefore, before departure offline provide:
  1. Wipe in Waze from the left edge to the middle to open the menu.
  2. You tap the top left on the Gear icon.
  3. Below the point "display and map settings".
  4. You can navigate here to the Option "data transfer".
  5. By placing a check in the "traffic information", invites Waze in the calculation of the Route, the current traffic messages down. These are also available offline.
Traffic info from Waze download
This tip applies to Waze 4.29. The Google Navigation offline use, you will learn in the next article.