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Super Mario Run: unlock All secret level - how to

  • Feb 18, 2020
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You have Super Mario Run through the play, you can have the free of the three switch to make a secret level. We show you where you can find the Level and play.

All of the secret levels in Super Mario Run unlock

  • In Super Mario, and you can find a total of 24 levels, divided into 6 worlds. You have defeated Bowser, the game is not over yet.
  • In each Level are always placed five colored coins. You have collected all five pink coins in a Level, you can collect all five purple coins. This is done, the black coins.
  • You have collected in each Level, all the coins of a color, the 120 coins. With 120 pink, purple or black coins, you can purchase the Secret Level in the Shop.
  • You place the purchased tube in your Kingdom, you can start the secret level from there. Per coin color, you can unlock a secret level, so a total of three.
Super Mario Run: Secret Level

Tips & Tricks: secret level in Super Mario Run free

  • The 120 pink coins can still be fairly easy to collect. In the secret level Mega-coin slalom you can collect then more properly normal and pink coins.
  • It is more difficult in the case of 120 purple coins. In part, the coins are hidden in blocks, and not directly visible. Then, you unlock the secret level Piranha plants field.
  • The 120 black coins are the hardest to get. To do this, you need to cart lots of dangerous jumps. It is worthwhile to switch the character. As a reward, you unlock the secret level circular saws-Koller.
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