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Pay with the Apple Watch: here's how it works

  • Mar 02, 2021
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Your Apple Watch you can use for various things - among other things, to Pay in the supermarket. How this works in detail, will explain in this practical tip.

With the Apple Watch, contactless payment

Thanks to Apple Pay, you need to Pay in the supermarket often have no purse and more. Instead, you can add your credit or debit card to your Apple Wallet to pay the same.

  • In the first step, you go on your iPhone in the Watch App, and scroll down here, under "My watch" to the item "Wallet & Apple Pay". If not already done, tap on "add card" and follow the instructions. Does not support your Bank and Apple Pay, you need to be patient for a little longer. You can then pay with your Apple Watch.
  • If you have added your card successfully, it is now also on the Apple Watch available. You can pay for in order to all card terminals, contactless payments support.
  • At the checkout you will open the Wallet on your Apple Watch and press twice quickly to the side button on the watch. Then, hold the clock to the card terminal.
  • If the payment works, you will hear a sound and get a short Feedback via Vibration. Shortly afterwards, the payment will be displayed on your Apple Watch.
  • An additional safety query is how on the iPhone there is not. As you can verify when you Create the PM with your Code, ensure that you wear the watch and not a stranger.

A new feature of the Apple Watch 4 is that you are a complete ECG create can. How this works, we will show in our next post.