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Parked car find: manual for iPhone & Android

  • Feb 27, 2020
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Your parked car you find out with Apple Maps (iOS) or Google Maps (Android) on your Smartphone easily. The question of where you actually parked, a thing of the past. We will show you how your phone is set to realize the Parking lot and later on there leads.

iPhone: Where have I parked?

  • Since iOS 10 Siri can remember, the Parking for you. In connection with CarPlay is the Parking lot even automatically stored on your Smartphone.
  • CarPlay is integrated in your car, you need to make the storage manually. To do this, start Siri and giving the command "store Parking lot".
  • Are you looking for your car at a later date, you can ask Siri, simply, "Where did I Park?". Then, your Position and the stored Position of the car appears on the map.
Find Parking using your iPhone again

Android Smartphone: Where have I parked?

  • You can use on your Android phone Google Now, is the Parking-search is also quite simple. The service always saves the last Position of your car.
  • This happens in the Background, and can also lead to errors. You take the Bus or train, it can also result in a saved Parking.
  • You can ask Google Now just "Where did I Park?", you will be shown the location on the map.

Alternative Apps for Parking-search

  • You can use older Smartphones, or you don't want to leave Google Now and Siri access to your data, there are some Alternatives. Here, you have to remember, the location can be stored for later recall.
  • For Android Smartphones, especially the Apps Find my car , and ParkDroid popular. For iPhone is the App Find My Car Free.
Find My Car for Android
In the next practical tip we will show you how you Parking in Google Maps.