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Nano SIM activate - how to

  • Sep 27, 2020
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In the case of Telekom, Vodafone and O2, there are different ways in which you will be able to activate your Nano-SIM card for the iPhone 5 or iPad Mini. We will show you how it works in the big three mobile providers.

Nano-SIM card of Telekom

You have your normal SIM card with T-Mobile against a Nano-SIM replaced, simply go to the specially for the activation of furnished website of the cellular provider. There, you enter your phone number, the number of the old and the new SIM as well as your customer account number. That's about it.
The Nano-SIM in comparison

O2 customers can activate your Nano-SIM for the iPhone here

No matter whether you are existing or a new customer, your Nano to SIM, activate with O2, in any case. For this, go to the activation page of the provider and to choose from, whether it's a new or already existing contracts. Depending on what you type in then open window, the card number or log in with your access.

Nano-SIM-activation at Vodafone

Vodafone provides for the activation of a Homepage. As a new customer, you need to insert the Nano-SIM just in your iPhone 5 or iPad Mini and you're ready to go. Existing customers will receive in exchange the card for detailed instructions and the number of a Hotline. You call this, enter the card number and let the SIM so unlock.
For more information on the Nano-SIM you can find here.