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Mobilcom Debitel: Mailbox forwarding disable

  • Aug 10, 2020
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The Mailbox forwarding you can deactivate at Mobilcom Debitel itself. You can turn off individual or all lines.

Mailbox forwarding in case of Mobilcom Debitel disable

The call forwarding to your Mailbox, you can disable it via speed dial. To do this, you simply enter and select the button with the green Handset:
  • The speed-dial ##62# causes only calls when mobile phone is switched off will no longer be redirected to the Mailbox.
  • With the speed dial ##67# stop the Mailbox forwarding if busy with you.
  • ##61# terminates the call forwarding when Not receiving Calls.
  • With the speed dial ##002# then delete all the call forwarding to your Mailbox in the Telecom and O2 network at once. In the Vodafone network to do this, select the speed dial ##004#.
  • As E-Plus users you can turn off the speed-dial ##21# the divert all calls to your Mailbox.
Mobilcom Debitel Mailbox
What you can do when you are at Mobilcom Debitel no more have read in this Rageber.