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iPhone/iPad: open Link in new Tab - so it works

  • Nov 03, 2019
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Your Browser should open on your iPhone or iPad a Link in a new Tab, is the with a tap. Whether you're surfing with Safari, Chrome, or other browsers in the network, the procedure is always the same.

iPhone/iPad: Links in same or new window to open

In the default setting, Safari opens a Link always in the current window or Tab. Sometimes, however, it makes more sense to open various web pages in the Browser, for example, to compare contents. In this case, proceed as follows:
  1. Press and hold the Link until menu is pressed until the context appears.
  2. Tap open in this menu, the entry "In new Tab".
  3. In the default setting, the browser switches the view then click the new Tab in which the Link is loaded. You have on your iPhone or iPad under "settings" > "Safari" > "General" the setting for "New Tabs in Background" enabled in the open, the page remains in the foreground, you have found the Link.
iPhone: open Link in new Tab
Read also how you are using iPhone or iPad quickly a Screenshot of the opened web pages. Test for this practice tip a iPad Air device with iOS 8.1.