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iPhone X: This SIM card you need

  • Sep 18, 2020
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So you can use your iPhone X in the full scope, you need the right SIM card. We will show you which card format fits the new iPhone.

iPhone X - Nano-SIM-card is compulsory

As with the previous iPhone models only a card in the Nano fits in the iPhone X-SIM Format. The card you need to be able to with the phone or without Wi-Fi to access the Internet on the phone.
  • You switch from the iPhone 5 or a newer model of the iPhone X, you can use your old SIM card easily.
  • If you do not have a Nano-SIM card, you can order them from your mobile service provider. In many cases this is even free, it may incur, under certain circumstances, but also for a small fee.
  • You want to not be on the delivery of a new card, wait, you can get your old self cut. The exact procedure we will explain in the following Video:
iPhone X: What SIM card fits?

Surf tip: Wirecutter tests iPhone X cases

So they have also for a long time of your iPhone X, you should protect it with a case, a Flip Case, or the like. The selection of protective cases is large and the price is not always the best indicator of quality.
  • Our CHIP Partner Wirecutter has tested 70 cases for the iPhone X. In the detailed test report read, which model is best cut off and the sleeves also are recommended.
  • The Test is also specific to different types of cases. So there are models that offer particularly good protection case and those that have a built-in wallet.
You don't know yet whether the switch to the iPhone X is worth it for you? Then you will find in our next practice tip all the new features of your smartphone at a Glance.