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iPhone X download wirelessly - how to

  • Sep 19, 2020
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The iPhone X you can download not only, as usual, via the cable, but also completely wireless. Exactly how this works, we will show you in this practical tip.

iPhone X download wireless: The the possibilities are

  • The iPhone X uses as the iPhone 8 the Qi Standard for wireless Charging. It is the most well-known Standard that has been set now by.
  • To download the iPhone X is inductive, you will need a charging station with Qi Standard. When buying, make sure that the charging station supports Qi.
  • Cheap models you can find on Amazon for around 10 euros. The charging stations of CSL and anchors are cost-effective and well-evaluated.
  • Also in the car, you can charge your iPhone X wireless. Most manufacturers equip their new cars now with Qi-modules. At IKEA, you will find long tables and lamps with built-in Qi-charging stations.
  • Apple itself does not offer Qi charging station, however, has presented a model. The Apple AirPower should only appear in the next year. On the charging Mat is also space for other devices besides the iPhone X as an Apple Watch or AirPods.
iPhone X: charging station for wireless Charging

Surf tip: 70 iPhone X cell phone cases at great Wirecutter-comparison test

So they have also for a long time of your iPhone X, you should protect it with a case, a Flip Case, or the like. The selection of protective cases is large and the price is not always the best indicator of quality.
  • Our CHIP Partner Wirecutter has tested 70 cases for the iPhone X. In the detailed test report read, which model is best cut off and the sleeves also are recommended.
  • The Test is also specific to different types of cases. So there are models that offer particularly good protection case and those that have a built-in wallet.
In the next practical tip we can tell you how the iPhone X to his name the come.