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iPhone via Bluetooth to a stereo system connect

  • Oct 18, 2020
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If you connect your iPhone via Bluetooth to your stereo, you can listen to without a lot of clutter from everywhere in the apartment music. All you need is a Bluetooth receiver.

Bluetooth Adapter to connect to the stereo system

We explain the procedure using the example of a Belkin music receiver; devices from other manufacturers work, but is very similar.
  • First, attach the Belkin receiver with the supplied Jack/double RCA plug to your Stereo. Remember which audio input of the Adapter assigned to
  • Then, connect the power supply to the adapter. The blue light on the Belkin receiver lights up briefly - the device is ready to receive.
Belkin Music Adapter

iPhone with Bluetooth-Receiver pair

  • On your iPhone, you now call up the settings (this works in analog with an iPod or iPad).
  • There then tap on "Bluetooth" and switch the channels.
  • The Belkin Adapter now appears in the list of "devices"; by the tip of your finger, you can pair the Receiver with your iPhone/iPad/iPod. In some cases, you have to enter then PIN "0000". The Belkin Receiver is confirmed in light of the successful pairing again with the blue LED.
  • If you set your Stereo to the corresponding input channel, you can stream your favorite songs from the iOS music App and the App support.
Bluetooth Settings
Belkin is the range of the receiver to approximately 9 meters. For more tips on the subject of iPhone and stereo you will find in this tip.


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