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iPhone to the audio system connect - Top-3-tips

  • Oct 23, 2020
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You want to listen to your music from the iPhone through the stereo? So the Sound is really good, we will show you 3 Top tips to make neat Sound instead of frustration comes over. And the Best part: These tips are not tricky to, not the way you think!

iPhone and car stereo: The right connection

You can use your iPhone either via a headphone Jack cable with the Receiver, connect via Wi-Fi (if your Stereo equipment properly equipped) or via Bluetooth.
  • Usually, you can use the cable Option 3.5 mm Jack to RCA. Refer to the instruction manual of the stereo system or simply type in Google "connectivity to external music source" followed by the name/model name of your stereo system.
  • You ask: "The iPhone can I connect to my system via the USB cable?" Also if your stereo has a USB input to mp3-is play files on USB-Sticks: The iPhone does not agree. Apple pushes here, unfortunately, it has a bar. No matter whether it is an iPhone with 30-pin connector or the new Lightning Adapter.
iPhone-connection cable

Undisturbed listening to music, thanks to flight mode

Everybody knows that Great Sound comes from the iPhone headphones and you will be called. The music is interrupted. Even if you reject the call, your listening experience is disrupted only once. The Same can happen to you also, when you connect the iPhone to the stereo system. What helps here is the ...
  • ... Flight mode! He cuts off all data connections and makes a phone disturb the peace.
  • You can stream your music by Wi-Fi from the iPhone to the system? No Problem. First, turn on the airplane mode of the iPhone, and then select the Wi-Fi. However, I can receive Mails and messages, of Messaging programs.
Flight Mode Settings

The sound settings on the iPhone

Even if you have set the Equalizer on the stereo system already on your needs, you should adjust on the iPhone. Thus, the playback will be no nasty Surprises, you should under "settings - music - Equalizer" as a precaution, first of all, the "on" setting to use. So you go to all of the deep bass out of the way. If necessary, you can adjust the.
iPhone: Equalizer settings