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iPhone refurbished Apple buy - how to

  • Jul 06, 2020
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Apple now offers in its "Refurbished Store" used, and refurbished iPhones. You can buy here iPhone with a new battery and new case for around $ 100 less than the original price. What you should know about it else, read this practical tip.

Apple Refurbished Store: iPhones used to buy

From now on you can in the US-Apple-Store bulged, refurbished iPhones for sale:
  • There are devices that were returned due to a defect. The Defect is fixed by Apple and the device is equipped with a new battery and a new case.
  • When buying, you can save around 15 per cent. The iPhone 6S 16 GB Apple, for example, offers for 449 dollars. These are 100 dollars less than the current regular retail price.
  • The iPhone is not that it is needed. The new housing. In addition, Apple promises just as in the case of new equipment a year warranty.
  • When the outdated devices are also available in Germany, is not yet known. In the past, new features have been introduced but always shortly after the States, also in Germany. So far in the German Refurbished Store only Macs, iPads, and iPods to be purchased.
iPhones in the Refurbished Store
Tip: To outdated iPhones also sold in Germany, you can at Amazon Warehouse Deals, cheap used iPhones to buy.