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iPhone: photo stream for friends

  • Sep 27, 2020
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You want to give the iPhone photos of the last Party for your friends? With the Apple's photo stream Sharing, photo albums is very easy. And so it goes.

So, you share pictures in photo stream for your friends

With the iPhone you can type in just a few steps to a photo stream.
  • First you need to create a new photo stream. Go to the gallery and select in the bottom bar to the "photo stream". With a click on the Plus icon at the top left of the screen, you can now create a new photo stream.
  • In the "To:"field, you can select the blue Plus icon in the contacts from your address book, you want to share the photo stream. Alternatively, you can also enter manually the email addresses of the desired photo stream receiver.
  • So your friends know what the photos are, you should give your photo stream a meaningful name - e.g. "Party".
  • With the slider to "Public Website" you can set whether the photo stream will be shared only with your selected friends or on iCloud.com for each is visible. This can for example be useful if you want your friends the Link to your photo stream to share with others. If they are private pictures, you should not enable this Option. No matter how you decide, click on "Create" to the photo stream folder release.
Photo stream sharing with the iPhone

The photo stream is enabled - now only photos need to clean

Congratulations, the photo stream, they have now released for selected friends. What's missing, of course, are the images themselves.
  • In your photo stream-list, the new folder will now appear automatically. To fill it with photos, select it and click in the next window at the top right on "edit".
  • Now, tap in the bottom middle of the screen on the Add Button. Your saved photos on the iPhone are displayed. You have already created albums in the gallery, you can open it with a finger tip and all of the photos of the album in the photo stream with a click. Alternatively, you can tap the preview images, and individual images may be selected. But beware: photos from the regular recording folder you need to highlight in each case individually. Here, the ability to view all the images at once select is missing.
Photos to the photo stream to add

Photo stream for all of the friends with iOS will have even more fun with the release

Your selected contacts will receive by Email the invitation to the shared photo stream. For users of iPhone, iPad, or iPod, the Stream appears directly in your own gallery. Users with other operating systems can view shared photos via a web browser. Also Rate and Comment on the photo stream images will remain iOS users reserved.
With the iPhone like and comment
This guide was created on an iPhone 5 with iOS 6.1.2. Creating a photo stream, you should use due to the high volumes of data, a Wi-Fi network.


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