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iPhone: Mails are not displayed - it can be

  • Jan 17, 2021
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Will not be displayed on your iPhone mail, it can have several reasons. What are the causes can be responsible for that, we will show you in this practical tip.

Mails are not displayed on iPhone - possible causes

So, your iPhone mail, and ads can retrieve a connection to the Internet is necessary.

  1. Check the Internet connection. Possibly a fault with your Provider.
  2. This is not the case, activate and release the flight mode and disable it again. The easiest way to get to the setting, when you open the Control Center with the swipe gesture and here is the airplane icon, tap.
  3. Check also the Wi-Fi connection. Is your Wi-Fi not, you will find the most common causes and solutions in a separate practice-tip.
  4. The Internet connection and it will still be displayed, no mail, close the Mail App completely and restart. Often this is the solution for the Problem.
  5. May also have a software to update for your iPhone. This is the case, install the recommended Version of iOS. By the way, a reboot of the iPhone solves some of the problems. Maybe this helps also, if E-Mails are not displayed.
  6. Perhaps the Problem lies in the settings of the E-Mail Accounts. To do this, open settings on your iPhone, scroll down to "passwords & Accounts" and then tap "data adjustment".
  7. Here you can check whether the automatic Retrieval of mail messages is enabled and how often the mail is to be retrieved.
  8. The previous measures have not helped, set up your E-Mail Account. To do this, navigate in the settings "Mail, contacts, calendars -> Account" and tap "logout". After that, you can set up your Mail Account on the iPhone.