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iPhone flashlight does not work: It s can be'

  • Sep 23, 2020
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The flashlight is not on the iPhone can be, for example, a software error. In this practice tip, you will learn how you can use these and other potential sources of error, eliminate it.

iPhone flashlight does not work – you can do

The flashlight no longer works when your iPhone is good advice expensive. Here's what you can do about it know:
  • In some cases, it may help if you reboot your iPhone once new, and then try to activate the flashlight.
  • Then check whether your iPhone is a software update available. This is the case, please install it to solve the Problem.
  • Flashlight Apps other manufacturers can provide for a damage the flash or the flashlight. We therefore do not recommend the use.
  • They had so far no success, you can still try, your iPhone reset. Here, however, all data is lost, which is why you previously, a Backup should.
  • If you still have warranty on the device, you can do this at Apple claim and send in the device.
  • The above tips do not help, there may be a Defect in the flash-LED. This you can let the Apple Store for repair.
iPhone flashlight is not

Surf tip: The big Wirecutter flashlight Test

You use the cell phone flashlight, the battery particularly quickly running empty. Especially if you need a longer light, is a flashlight is the better Alternative.
  • Just who needs a particularly powerful flashlight, you should be informed before the purchase, however in-depth.
  • Our CHIP Partner Wirecutter has tested 23 flashlights in detail. In the detailed test report read, which model is best cut off has. Also, you get a lot more information about testing procedures and what to look for when buying should pay attention to.
You will learn in our next practice tip, what you can do if your iPhone front camera is defective, it is.


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