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iPad mini the main differences

  • Sep 27, 2020
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The iPad mini is no different in comparison to the iPad 4 only in the screen size and dimensions. You read in a direct comparison, what are the similarities and differences between both iOS devices.

Dimensions and weight

Externally, the iPad mini impresses with a sleek and elegant Design and clearly belongs to the Tablet easily weights. Because the iPad 4 is 652 grams-more than twice as heavy as the little brother with its 308 grams. Due to the low weight and the pleasant outside dimensions (200 x 134,7 x 7.2 mm) iPad minis this is not only good in the Hand, but not in longer presentations to be difficult. This is exactly why the relatively heavy iPad 4 is not suitable with its large Display and corresponding Edges that you speak somewhat. The dimensions in the Overview:
  • iPad mini: 200 x 134,7 x 7.2 mm | 308 g
  • iPad 4: 241,2 x 185,7 x 9.4 mm | 652 g
The iPad mini sits well in the Hand

The Display of the iPad mini is in the midfield

Although you have to forgo the iPad mini to the iPad 4's built-in Retina Display, but still a high-contrast Multi-Touch screen with LED backlight. The screen size may be 20.1 inches see. The are plenty of four inches less than the iPad 4. In comparison to the Android competition as the Google Nexus 7 and the Samsung Galaxy Tab, you can get the iPad mini at least about two inches more space for Apps, websites or E-Books. This pays off in practice. The iPad mini is positioned very well in the midfield between the 7-inch Android devices, and the 9.7-inch Retina Display in the iPad.

No compromising photo - and video recording with the iPad mini

In iPad mini you need to neither on the 5 Megapixel camera of the iPad 4 - in Facetime HD camera with 1.2 Megapixel on the front without. And also in your video you have recorded with the smaller iOS device, neither on quality nor on comfort.

The memory of the iPad mini

Already in the older iPad2 built-in Dual-Core A5 processor in the Mini for Power in Games and Tools. In contrast, the iPad4 with the Dual-Core A6X Chip has a lot more Pep in the housing. During normal use of the iPad mini with Office applications, Videos, photos and popular Play you will notice, however, hardly a difference. Only in the case of very complex Games with 3D graphics, the little brother might run out of air. Both the large and the small iPad to get, depending on the equipment variant with 16, 32 or 64 GB of internal memory that is not expandable.

The iPad mini combined GPS and mobile Internet

With all the iPads you have to go either via wifi or via your SIM card with the mobile Internet online. However, you need to decide before purchasing for a variant with or without a phone card. It is somewhat unfortunate that in the case of the iPad mini at this decision, also the GPS module hangs. The get only then, if you are looking for a device with WiFi and Cellular decide.

With what Apps the iPad mini is compatible?

Very practical is that they are all Free, as well as buying Apps for the big iPad is also on the small Device use can. And your Apps from your iPhone also on the iPad mini. So it does not restrict the size of the device for applications such as Tools, games, E-Books, or navigation applications.

You can get the iPad mini much iPad for a small price?

For the iPad Mini insert in a 32GByte memory, Wi-Fi and Sim card Slot at least 559 euros on the table. For that you get a real, small iPad, with a reasonable Performance loss in comparison to the iPad 4. For the big brother, you have to pay at least 729 Euro. The price of the Android devices like Google Nexus 7 and Samsung Galaxy Tab at the same features are here in the front.

Conclusion: It depends on your area of application

In terms of Design and feel, the iPad mini is clearly in the front and is ideal for presentations and the use of simple games and Apps. Due to the convenient size of the screen, the iPad mini is also well suited if you want to surf the Internet. In addition, the small iPad very good photo and video recording, as well as a very comfortable screen size. By contrast, the big brother with the Retina Display and a strong processor for demanding games scores.
It is no coincidence that both the iPad mini and the iPad 4 is currently the CHIP best list to mention.


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