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iOS 12: grouping of notifications disable how to

  • Nov 29, 2020
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On iOS, 12, notifications are automatically grouped by App. You can disable it also, of course, and so - as in previous iOS versions - all of the notifications separately on the display. We show how it works.

Grouping of notifications under iOS 12 disable

The notification grouping under iOS 12 causes messages to be blinded to the same App on top of each other. To ensure a better Overview on the Homescreen. You can change the display but also.

  • The easiest way to get into the settings by swiping the notification center to open and a message to the left. Then tap on the point"".
  • You then get various options for notification of this App. Tap on "settings", all the options you can retrieve.
  • Scroll down here to the bottom, you will find the menu point "communication groups". Here you can choose between the modes "automatic", "App" and "From".
  • To disable grouping, select the Option "off".
  • Note that the setting only affects notifications for the respective App. You want to generally not clustered messages, you must select for each individual App the Option to "message groups">"".
iOS 12: open settings and message grouping disable
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