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GPS on the iPad - the most important Facts

  • Sep 27, 2020
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"Where am I?" You can find out with the iPad and the GPS function accurately. GPS (Global Positiong System) is a worldwide used System for site-localization. The Following is the most important information on the topic of iPad and GPS.

the iPad 3G model and GPS

In the case of the iPad Version with 3G module for real "GPS is built-in". That is, it has a GPS module. As in the case of an iPhone, the GPS in the iPad 3G locates thanks to satellite support to your exact location. Whether you are on a mountain or in a city plays no role.

iPad WiFi model and GPS

The iPad with WiFi, a database of Wi-Fi Hotspots will be used to calculate the approximate location. This iPad Version has no real GPS. This may not initially sound like a high inaccuracy, but it is not. In the Test, very good results have been achieved, for example, when taking pictures with GPS Tagging. The iPad 3G model is still more accurate.
Location services iPad WiFi

iPad and location services change settings and check

To find out which Apps are GPS or Wi-Fi Hotspot-use Database of the iPads and make any necessary changes:
  1. You open the App "settings".
  2. Go to "privacy".
  3. Select "Location Services". Here you will see all Apps that access the GPS or the Wi-Fi Hotspot database.
  4. You can allow individual Apps either, detection, or prevent it.
  5. Below the App listing will explain what the arrows mean next to the Apps. Here you will learn whether an App has recently used your location (purple arrow). The gray arrow icon indicates whether within the last 24 hours GPS or the Wi-Fi Hotspot database was used. The half-gray arrow indicates whether the "Geofence" function is used. A Geofence is an imaginary fence that bordered a field. Within this location area reminds you of the function, for example, of location-dependent calendar entries.
The tip refers to an iPad 4.