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Google calendar sync Mac with iCloud

  • Aug 13, 2020
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You want to sync to your Mac the Google calendar with iCloud, we will show you here how to do this.

Sync Google calendar with iCloud

You can not synchronize your Google calendar directly to iCloud. What, however, is your Google to import the calendar in iCal and a current copy of the Google calendar in your iCloud store. In the end, you need to decide, nevertheless, in the management of your calendar to iCloud or the Google-Server, because a direct sync between iCloud and Google calendar, vice versa, there is not.
  1. You open in the Finder under applications the "calendar" or "iCal".
  2. Click in the task bar, click "calendar" or "iCal".
  3. Select "Accounts".
  4. Click in the opened window, click "Google". Enter your account data and your password and click on "Configure".
  5. Put a check in the "calendar" and click on "Finish".
  6. Now select the imported Google-calendar. It is in the calendar display under "iCloud", but under "Calendar".
  7. Click in the task bar, click "file" >"Export" >"Export". In the newly opened window click on "Export".
  8. You create iCloud in iCal a new calendar. To do this, click file > New calendar > iCloud. A new calendar folder is created in iCal. Enter a title, e.g. "calendar from Google".
  9. Now click on "file" > "Import" > "Import". Select the exported file and click "Import".
  10. In the "add event"window, select the newly created folder under iCloud and click "OK".
Google calendar in iCloud with iCal
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