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Foundation test: mobile phone were buying portals in the Test

  • Sep 23, 2020
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Stiftung Warentest has tested mobile buying portals: Who pays the most for an iPhone or a Smartphone such as the Galaxy S5 Mini from Samsung? In the Test all great To have used - and the seller nail to get new iPhones and Samsung Smartphones ("new"), but often only very little paid for it. We summarize the results and show where you can get for your Smartphone the most money.

Stiftung Warentest: This buying goods online and pay most of the money

Buying portals there are as the Sand of the sea: The a to only buy Smartphones, the other also sell used models. The most money you can get at merchants that buy Smartphones and (!) sell:
  • Clever Tronic pays for Smartphones the most, and wins out, therefore, in the Test of Stiftung Warentest (grade of 2.0): 125 euros for the Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini and 220 Euro for the iPhone 5s. After three days the money is in the account.
  • However, Who describes the Smartphone in the purchase form worse than it really is, you'll get at the end of the lower price. So the second-placed AsGoodAsNew.comThis buyer is fair and pays more if the Smartphone after the review is better than specified. Similarly, Flip4New, but in the end often less pay, than, for example, the winner of the test. With these tips, get the most money from the Smartphone.
  • Particularly brazen Handy-Bestkauf.de by the way, was: After the submission of your brand-new iPhone 5s, the dealer stated that he wanted to pay for the errors only 25 euros... The goods after the Foundation test, of course, no good impression.
Smartphone-Purchase: Goods Test

Buying-Check of Stiftung Warentest: MediaMarkt, Apple & Co will get bad grades

Catastrophic the test result of Foundation from falls were test stores and the Apple-buying-Service:
  • MediaMarkt and Saturn bought the phones directly in the market, they sent then, but even at Flip4New. The customer got up to 45 Euro less than if he would have sent to the smartphone itself, with Flip4New in. In addition, Flip4New pays about 20 to 30 percent less than the test winner clever Tronic. Instead of cash the customer gets in the end, only a voucher from MediaMarkt or Saturn.
  • Apple is greedy when buying, like no other: For the iPhone 5s only about half of what is paid by the winner of the test clever Tronic. Also, Apple only buys when the device is in good condition. Otherwise, the customers will see a dime.
  • All the Details you will find cost-free on test.de. By the way, the sale of old mobile phones are worth a lot. Our terms of sale Overview gives more information.
Flop: iPhone purchase of Apple

Were test gives the green light: Only here you can buy a used mobile phone

Not only the cell phone purchase, but the sale has examined Stiftung Warentest:
  • "Only clever Tronic sold second-hand mobile phones in good quality", so the conclusion of Stiftung Warentest. And this at a fair price. In AsGoodAsNew, Zoxs, and Rebuy the Smartphones, however, had significant flaws.
  • At Zoxs the Smartphone, for example, had a bloated battery, a model of AsGoodAsNew was hot and crashed constantly. Such Smartphones are clearly defective and would need to be sent. In any case, you are likely to, according to Stiftung Warentest, as "in excellent condition" sold.
AsGoodAsNew: Fair purchase of poor sales

Conclusion: clever Tronic top stores ...

  • Used phone for sale: The best price for your Smartphone you can get at clever Tronic. However, you need to describe the condition well, because the Smartphone is not better than described, you get money. You are unsure of how well the Smartphone is still, rate it either better or sell in the case of AsGoodAsNew.com. The numbers of also times more money, if it is the Smartphone value.
  • Used phone buy: Only clever Tronic provided in the Test a Smartphone without a defects home and at a fair price.
  • Tip: for defective phones out there's money in many buying portals.
Were test-conclusion: clever Tronic wins
Important: Before the Smartphone sell, be sure all your private data securely erase. Our guide on the next page to help you.