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E-Plus: more data or to buy - how to

  • Nov 07, 2019
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With the data and automatic E-Plus, you can buy always volume of data when required. We will show you how and where to do it

The volume of data in E-Plus, subsequently buy

In the case of the data automatic it is a special feature of E-Plus. This you can go to the following website for your Internet Option at any time to activate and again to deactivate.
  • You have used up your data volume for the month, it will be automatically purchased another data volume. Also, this volume is consumed, it is re-acquired. You can increase your volume up to three Times a month in this way.
  • You have a month about 250 MB or less, are buying per transaction is 50 MB for 1.50 Euro. With a monthly volume of between 500 MB and 2 GB, and you get 100 MB for 2 euros. At a volume of 5 GB, and you get 750 MB for 5 euros.
  • But caution: Rack of three months in a row, all three additional charges, they will be placed in a higher Fare. This Upgrade can however, be undone at any time. Call the free Hotline at 127 1401.
  • Note: The automatic E-Plus will only cost you something if you have used up your data volume. More than three additional charges in the month are not possible, a cost case, you don't have to worry about. E-Plus also warns you about any charging in addition to via SMS.
E-Plus: data volume purchase
In the next practical tip we will show you how your remaining data volume queries.