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Apple ID change - so it goes

  • Jan 14, 2021
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To change the Apple ID is useful if you, for example, is associated with a very old E-Mail address. For this you need to find however, the suitable function on the iPhone, iPad and iPod or on the Apple Website. In this practical tip we will tell you how and where the Apple ID can change.

Apple ID to adjust the settings of the iPhone, iPad and iPod

In the settings of the iOS devices, you can switch to another existing Apple ID or create a completely new. It works as follows:
  1. Open the "settings" (the App with the Gear Icon) on your iPhone, iPad or iPod.
  2. Here you select "Store".
  3. At the end, click the Store settings and click on "Apple ID".
  4. There is a menu where you can "log off" tap to open.
  5. Press in the Store settings, on the "Log in".
  6. Again, a menu opens. Select "Existing Apple ID" if you already have another Apple ID. If not, then "create New Apple ID" to the target.

Apple ID in the Browser change

On the Apple ID website to change the Apple ID directly, without having to create a new Account:
  1. Go to the my Apple ID Website.
  2. About "your Apple ID" to access manage your Account.
  3. Enter your previous Apple ID and password.
  4. Click on "edit" next to the Apple ID and enter the desired E-Mail address. Then click on "save Changes".
  5. A message lands in your E-Mail Inbox. On the Link you confirm the Change the Apple ID. You can then log in with your iTunes and in the App Store.