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An Alternative to Apple News: With a swipe to the FOCUS Online Top news

  • Jan 16, 2021
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The pre-installed News App from Apple sources its products from different publishers. If you want to determine the News source on the iPhone itself, the App of FOCUS Online and the associated Top-messaging-is a Option of Widget.

It's easy to get the FOCUS Online Top news Widget

The Widget to use you need to first of all, the FOCUS Online news App on your iPhone or iPad to install.

  • The App is installed, swipe up from your Homescreen to the right, to come to the screen with your Widgets. You then scroll down until you find the button "edit" to see.
  • Tap on "edit", you are first shown a list of your active Widgets, including the list of the rest of the available Widgets. The FOCUS Online news Widget, see the "More Widgets".
  • Click on the Plus sign to the left of the Widget to activate it. It is now displayed under your active Widgets.
  • Should you want to order of your Widgets change, you can do this also in the list view of the active Widgets. How? Just Drag and Drop the icon with the three cross-beams to move.
If you have installed the FOCUS Online App, you can tap on the Widget screen on the "edit"button. So you have access to the Overview of all available Widgets.

FOCUS Online Top Nachrichten: So you use the Widget

By default, the Widget displays only a message. You can, however, also more Top-messages, and directly through the Widget the FOCUS Online App open.

  • You want to see more than a message, this is quite easy: just tap "More" in the upper right corner of the Widget.
  • Now you have four Top messages are displayed.
  • With a further click in the upper right corner you can minimize the Widget again.
  • You have the Widget expanded will be displayed below the button "All recent news". Tapping on this will open directly the FOCUS Online App.
Click here for the FOCUS-Online Homepage
Via the Widget you can open directly the FOCUS Online App.


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